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To start your own business at 55 one might suspect a dose of craziness, or at least some attraction to risk?

Or maybe it portrays my history in being a bit unconventional.


It gives some insight into who I am however.

  • a bit rebellious

  • playful

  • no nonsense

  • adventurous

  • welcoming change of direction

As long as it makes me happy, fits my values and contributes to a better world, - even better.


After graduating as a French - History teacher I swore never to teach again…..but  “never say never….”


After some years as a musician and opera singer, I worked for a forestry organisation in forest conservation, protection and expansion.


Finally after other detours, everything came together and I was again in a classroom.  This time training groups and individuals in ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and Presentation techniques.  Those themes expanded into communication, leadership, change, networking, as I developed my skills through professional literature, seminars, and numerous online trainings and workshops.


What gave my work a new twist in 2009 was getting to know Transactional Analysis (TA), giving me new insights and depths as a coach and trainer.  After a 5 year training process, I am currently in the process of achieving CTA; Certified Transactional Analyst in the workfield “organisations”,


I like walking, biking, ecological gardening and love to travel.


I lived in Milan for a year and despite my love for al southern countries a special place in my heart remains in Italy.

About me

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