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Team coaching

What does the team do collectively which the individual members cannot achieve on their own?

What kind of team is needed to achieve this group purpose and aspiration?


Which structure supports this?


How can one structure cooperation?


How do we improve collaboration?


How is success created?


How can the team be supported to perform, so that the leader can focus more on his role?


How can delegation, and empowerment in the team be achieved?


Which systemic forces are at play in the team?


How can conflict be tackled constructively ensuring an even stronger team?


How can you help the team to go ‘the extra mile’ for each other?


Team coaching can be the answer to all these issues.  If your team exceeds 8 people I work with a colleague who shares my vision on coaching.


This is why I get up every morning and love what I am doing and am good at what I am doing! 


My previous clients have said the following about my ability to motivate and reenergise teams I have worked with.



Typically this starts with a conversation with the leader, followed by conversations with all the team members.  Based on this ‘snapshot’ and the ambitions of the team, I then plan the interventions.

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