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Personal coaching

Have you lost your flow?


Do you have a developmental question?


Are you struggling with a conflict situation?


Do you keep encountering the same problems and repeating the same strategies?


Do you have difficulties connecting with one particular individual?


Do you need a sparring partner, someone to be a sounding board for you and challenge you?


Personal coaching can be the answer to all these issues.  Through targeted questioning and interventions we search for the solution that works for you.  Insights help you to create awareness and consciousness about yourself, the situation and the context.


This starts with a conversation between the individual, the leader (if the person to be coached works in a team) and myself.   We explore and clarify the coaching objectives and the working relationship between the coachee  and myself.  This process can be relaxed and informal.  We will look for blind spots and behaviours needing attention, and I will offer constructive criticism.  The  individual is then coached at their pace into learning and adopting new patterns of behaviour, thinking and feeling.

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